Tips to organise your emails

Emails are an essential way to keep in touch with everything we engage with, from people to platforms. They're especially important when it comes to work as it could mean missing out a crucial email before a meeting or a paper update that the team are working on. I struggled with staying on top of... Continue Reading →

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How to make a strong password

Making strong passwords which are memorable are easier than you think if you ignore everything that you’ve been told and start to think of the reasoning behind the combination.  Yesterday morning I heard an advert by the UK's National Cyber Security Center about setting better passwords. I went to the resources and ended up going down... Continue Reading →

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5 tips for being more inclusive!

I’m writing this blog post while travelling on a highspeed train that’s currently running from Glasgow (Scotland) back to where I need to be. Whizzing past towns is a blur of colour – to me these blotches of blurred colour represent so much life,  emotions, tears, love, loss, endless stories and experiences. Some of these stories... Continue Reading →

Open Data and the future of science

This post is back dated from when I attended the UKSG conference in 2015. While 'Big Data' isn't generating the same level of excitement, my blog based on a talk by Professor Geoffrey Boulton OBE FRS FRSE, is still relevant. If you're interested in this space, Professor Boulton lists out a few major themes that... Continue Reading →

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